Industrial Kha Kha Powder

Psyllium Kha-Kha powder

Psyllium Kha-Kha powder is a byproduct of Psyllium husk. The extraneous material that is left while processing psyllium husk is psyllium Kha-Kha powder which prevents soil-erosion and used as water proofing agent.

When psylllium seeds are processed to make psyllium husk, the extraneous material left is termed as Psyllium Kha-Kha Powder i.e. Psyllium Industrial Dust. It is byproduct of psyllium husk. It is mainly used to prevent landscaping, soil erosion, as animal feed. Recently, it is also being used as water proofing agent.


Product Purity
Purity Ranges from 60% to 80%
Swell volume Ranges from 16 ml/gm to 35 ml/gm

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Packaging Details:

Wide variety of packaging operations from small Paper bags with inner food-grade poly-liner 10 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg paper bags to HDPE bags to Bulk bags up to 1000 kg. Conventional Gunny bags with inner food-grade poly-liner: 25 kg & 40 kg.

We have also Consumer Packing. Size 5gm, 50g, 100g, 200g, 400g, and 500gm. Packing in Jar / Paper Box / Pouch - Also in Buyers Brand / Company Name.

Fiber drums - Fiber Paper drum and silver plated ring with inner poly-liner. Content Net Wt. 25-50 kg/drum.

Customized packaging can also be developed and used to meet specific customer requirements.

Exporting Worldwide

USA • France • Spain • Sweden • UK • Brazil • Canada • Mexico • Peru • Chile • Germany • China • Hongkong • Russia • Japan • South Korea • Taiwan • Thailand • Malaysia • Australia • Singapore • Sri Lanka • Egypt • Turkey • Lebanon • Italy • South Africa • Bolivia & many more.




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